Monday, February 22, 2010

1 week to go!!

Hi all,

Only 1 more week to go!

I bought a ticket to watch my 1st Olympic Event. It will be the Women's Bobsled this Wednesday February 24th evening. I will try to place myself around but mostly at the finishing line with my Chicago Bears hat on, so you might just get a glimpse of me. The ticket was only $40 standing room ticket. Most of the other events like skiing etc...are more expensive. The weather has been spring like here, sometimes I don't know how the snow holds up so well. I mentioned to Mom that I lost control of my bus a few days ago in the early morning snow. I was up high in the hills around 5:30 am going really slow and the bus slid sideways down a road and into a snow bank. I can't tell you how disturbing this felt. Oh well, fortunately know one was injured and no damage to the bus. The name of the street was Matterhorn Drive!

I have attached some more pictures for you to view. See you all soon! I understand that Ally is in California and Dave is in Kelowna! HEY WEST IS BEST! COME ON OUT HERE AND PUT SOME SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT ON!!

Dave / Dad


An olympic Medalist

Main Street

Some prime real estate

Price $1.5 Million!

Czech athlete is on left

Memorial for the Georgian Luger

At the entrance


On 1 of my bus routes

Michael Lansberg Live

Oh Canada!

On 1 of my bus routes


Miss Whistler & Miss Blackcomb

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