Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 days off!!

Hello's me The Mountain Man,

I am trying to do and see as much as possible in the 2 days I have off.
I was able to get a $40 ticket for the Women's Bobsled final last night. Much to my surprise, I didn't realize that they would win both gold and silver medals...a real bonus. As well, I was hoping to be spotted by 1 of the cameras and understand that some of you caught a glimpse...neat. There were hoards of people there, but well worth it being part of a somewhat Canadian historic moment. I slept in this morning, and will enjoy the pool today and I think I will relax and watch some TV.

Miss you all very much and believe it or not...only 5 more days to go before I come home!!


Some of the crowd!

The next run down she crashed

German team

A photo from the very back

Finishing line

Action begins at finishing area

Ma and Pa from Saskatchewan

Early arrivals

Swiss coach and bobsledder

Italian bobsledder and coach

The starting area

Snuck some athletes gabbing

Got to the bobsled early

Recent photo pf memorial

5am entrance to Whistler

Took a nap between shifts!

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