Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Days Off!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I finally had my 1st 2 day's off! The weather here is finally sunny and blue clear skies! I needed some quiet time away from the masses of people I have been bussing around fro the past few days, so I went mountain climbing. The mountain that I climbed was Stawamus Chief. It is the 2nd largest granite mountain in the world. You can probably look it up on Google. I thought that this would be a fun and relaxing experience. It was for about 10 minutes, and then BANGO!

I never worked so hard in all of my life. it took me apx. 2 hours to climb up and 1 1/2 hours to come down. I was soaking wet when I finally reached the top. I sat in the cool mountain wind to dry off, and was soaking wet again when I finally reached the bottom, but so happy to be down! They had chains and ladders to assist you climbing up. Today, I went to the Olympic village and took the gondola up to the top (about 15 minutes) and then straight across on another gondola to Blackcomb Mtn. This was one of the most beautiful sites you will ever experience. I think Uncle Dave and Aunt Brenda may have taken this ride when they lived out here in B.C. I took several pictures up in the mountains and several just walking around the village. (By the way I had spaghetti and meatballs at The Old Spaghetti Factory).

Miss you all! I think next Wed. and Thurs. I will finally have some time to get in a few events! Not sure how many pictures I can forward to this e-mail. So I will send only a few. The rest we can see when I get back.

Dave / Dad

Ukrainians...they're everywhere!

Bus loop near Gondola!

Oh Canada!

On top of Mt. Whistler

Gondola from Whistler to Blackcomb Mtn.

Skiers on top!

On top of the Mtn.

On top of the Mtn.

Shannon Falls

Mt. Stawmus Chief

Squamish B.C.

A French Athlete

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  1. Hi Dave! I am glad to hear from you .. I was starting to get worried.. haha We took Bubs and Gigi to the top of Whistler ..and then Gigi even tried climbing up even further! It is an amazing view! SSoo beautiful! We can totally relate to how exciting it is at the beginning of climbing a mountain, but how that excitement turns to misery VERY quickly! haha We climbed Chem near Chilliwack. Beautiful (at times) but you thought you were going to die way too often! haha I am glad you did it though! Thanks for all the pictures .. I love looking at them .. I do hope you are really enjoying yourself .. oh, how is the roommate working out .. still a nice guy?? : ) Love you! ~Brenda~