Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th

Hi all,
I am basically driving most of the day. Fortunately all of my mountain bus routes end up at the Olympic site in Whistler. 2 days ago, the ambulance that took away the luger from Georgia went right in front of my bus as my route ends at the bottom of the mountain. Today, the Vice President of the US. was escorted right beside me as they closed down the road for 15 minutes. Today, I was able to take some more photos as the crowds really started arriving from all over the world big time. I saw Swiss, Swedes, French, Brits and surprisingly a lot of Austrians and Norwegians. All seem to be nice people. It is getting very exciting, but every bus trip is very crowded to the roof and slow moving. I'm not sure if I am having fun yet. I have Wednesday's and Thursday's off, so hope to do some sight seeing and maybe take in a game. I told Mom that I have to take the $80 Gondola ride to the top and then another one that takes you from 1 mountain top to the other. Hope to get pictures of that.
Well, it's drizzling here for 2 days and it looks like cooler temperatures are on their way. It would be nice to have some snow for a change! Ps. I'll send the photos next in a separate email.

Olympics Rings!

Medal Podium. I stood on the top one!

Ready to go!

Canada's back up!

Before the crowds arrived.

My Swiss friends!

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