Monday, February 8, 2010

My first day in training...

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all that you did to make the dinner yesterday a success!

Since I am 3 hours behind you, I just got back from my 1st day of training mostly up in Whistler and Pembrookton. We drove double Decker buses ($2.2 million each bus),
coach buses, hydrogen cell buses and just regular ones. We did several bus routes as well. Most of them go right into Whistler Village where most of the skiing events will be held. There is a lot of Secu rity here, RCMP, helicopters, even air baloons in the air with cameras etc... The weather here is mild. There is no snow in Squamish where I am staying, however 40 miles up the road in whistler IS plenty but still around only freezing. I am rooming with Steve. He is as nice a guy as you can find. He is from Stratford Ontario, very well mannered and courteous...perfect. I have my own bedroom, so I close the door to sleep...and snore as loud as I want to! The scenery as you can well imagine is incredible. I haven't has time you take any pictures yet, but perhaps in a couple of day's I will and try (Lindz) to post them to you try!!

I miss you all, especially you Bev.
I am in a seniors home like my moms so things get pretty quiet here around 9 pm.
Well, I'm kind of tired from 8 hours of training, I think I put my back and neck out a little from mountain gazing, and broke my reading I better go and pick up a cheap pair at a Shoppers Drug Mart which is like a 1/2 mile away.
Love you all...


  1. Wow dad looks like lots of fun, must be hard to drive that double decker!

    Jeremy and ally

  2. Hi Jeremy and Ally, Sorry about the delay in my response, I didn't see it. You guy's would love it much to see and do!